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-7 news. >> alan: a discount backfired on southwest airlines. the airline had a half-price ticket say yesterday for facebook friends but instead the customers were billed multiple times. we're live at san francisco international airport to explain what happened. >> reporter: that 50% off promotion by sweat was called, want to get away? it ended up being a huge giveaway of money by some of sweat's most faithful customers. the half off promotion for southwest flights was offered to customers by e-mail. in celebration of sweat's 3 millionth face book fan. the offer ended at midnight. just after the off-under expired, and customers looked at their credit card charges today, some realized they were overcharged. some people, instead of being charged once for the flight, were charged up to 30 times. southwest has been working feverishly to correct the problem. according to the spoaptsz we reached by phone. >> if you have -- we have all hands on deck in our technology team making sure we identify the problem and that we work towards a solution. if a customer was charged overdraft fees by the
-flop >>> bank accounts strained after a giant ball in college at southwest airlines this woman is underwhelmed by how the tried to make it up to her. >>> everyone talks about the make it up to her. >>> everyone talks about the heat wave how hot to buy and oakland's. when don newton and her husband bought their dream home and oakland's destroyed in april the day that $1.4 million 70,000 below the asking price. for a home that that on the market in six months. so when the couple play for sale sign on their two- bedroom home and scenic ave and they didn't expect to get aid offers it sold in 15 days. the bank that we ended up accepting a $67,000 over what we're asking. me we're stunned. oakland has the fastest selling homes in u.s.. with an average of only 24 days and markets. oakland is a hot area right now. it is popping. military say several factors are driving the real estate frenzy the city has 65% fewer homes on the market this year than last 30 to 40% of sales have been on distressed towns like foreclosures mortgage interest rains in decades and oakland homes of the median price for more af
to pick up on the coast. west, southwest, 20 at fairfield. now yesterday south bay cool down a little bit. east bay they cooled down two or three degrees. 50s and 60s still in the hot category for some. 58 at fairfield. west, southwest at 20. one day it's the high pressure winning up. an area of low pressure will establish itself by the weekend. but today it's the ticks and between. if you are by the coast it's cool. there is a lot more fog today than yesterday. for some it's nice. for others it's mild. you can find 90s to near 100 defrees. over by the beaches we are looking at 60s. 67 san francisco. 71 oakland. 91 concord. 96 antioch. 84 san jose. morgan hill 94. upper 70 ann low 80s on the peninsula. not much has changed. a little bump up in the temps. saturday into the weekend pam it will be cooler. >> thank you. >>> the city of richmond will reopen is beach park using money from an oil spill settlement. richmond received $669,000 after the 2007 accident. now the city council has approved spending those fund on four major projects. more than one quarter will go toward restoring the par
mack breedlove was traveling with his teammates to a tournament. he thought he could be southwest airlines first come first seat system by boarding before he is group was called. he had no idea he was about to be busted. >> we have a young man that would like to apologize to the plane for cutting into the line. >> reporter: over the pa system they asked matt to cut to the first of the aircraft. >> i felt awkward. during the boarding process i took advantage of this airline. while some of my teammates were call today the front of the line i was not. and yet i cut in line. i hope you will all find it in your heart to forgive me. for i am a young man. i am smarter than i am. enjoy your flight. and remember fly southwest because they let my coach do this to me. >> he had a bad moment. we called him out on it. >> my coach taught me a valuable lesson in life in a creative way. be patient. >> good job, buddy. >> that's good. that ought to be southwest policy from now on. >>> it is the gateway to america. look at the lightning. impressive storm over st. louis. one storm after another sail
for the same flights what southwest airlines is doing for customers to add days without money. it feels like someone is taking a break and pushing it on the back of my head. my grandma leavitt's is not involved drugs the natural remedy proven to work almost well as a prescription. his income, buys a glitz love them drivers are mixed feelings but the bay area has more bike lanes tonight 7 mi. of them in the city of san jose we're talking about fourth street in the downtown area reporter can't tell gives us a look. degrees by clients have come of age and says day the problem is he may not recognize them. have you ever seen markings like this before? >>> not for a bike lane. i wouldn't know what it was. after four years of planning the city of san as a celebrates today with the ap ride this one is called the parking protected by claim and is the first of its kind south bay. it's kind of biking gem. as we see a bicyclist i think is really going to create small shift in thinking about how we can not just a car centric by its make a community where people can feel comfortable biking. move a bike
southwest customers were billed [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. >>> ticket turbulence. southwest offers fares at half price. how customers ended up paying thousands of dollars instead. >>> a former congressman heads to court. why he's arguing his bathroom breaks were official business. >>> and the golden touch. michael phelps wins one last medal for the greatest haul in olympic history. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. dozens of athletes were bringing home more medals. michael phelps promised it would be the last olympics of his career. tracy potts has more from london. >> reporter: it would actually be talking more about what they didn't win. the men's relay, michael phelps' triumphant last stand, he swam the middle lap and took home gold in
to be o-k. southwest airlines normally raaks pretty high in customer satisfaction ratings... but over the weekend, the airline had a major setback when a promotion took advantage of fliers. as dionne anglin report, the company is now in overdrive cleaning up the mess. mess. it was anything but a smooth take--ff for southwest airlines' online "half-off" fare promotion. curtis says: "theyyre going to work it out wwth us, but right now its a mess." over the weekend thousands who bought tickets were hit with ajor turbulence in their bank and credit card accounts. duplicate chhrges -- people boooing one flight but discovering they were charged for -- innsome cases dozens of tickets... on s-w-a's facebook page, one woman complained southwest ddbited her account for more than 19-thousand dollars. &p this young man at love field, flying home to new mexico, says he was on the phone with southwest for to straighten out a double booking. mos says: "(was it frustrating?) it was because i and that was a long time, but they did say on the line their wait time would be about a tw
a ride up there. >>> southwest airlines refunding some customers who were billed multiple times for a single flight. the mistake happened when southwest facebook fans clicked on a promotion to receive a 50% discount. the promotion somehow backfired. hundreds of would-be flyers saw their credit and debit cards billed repeatedly, in some cases more than 20 times. southwest airlines says it has identified all the customers and has already begun filing refunds to their bank accounts. the airline says it will also pay for any overdraft fees. >> boy, would i be mad if that was me. >>> the special emably session planned for later this -- assembly session planned for later this week will amonger be -- will longer be. >>> 4:44 this morning. hopefully the sunshine will be as bright as howard's tie. >> we'll have some sunshine but i think more clouds than sun. it's not going to be nearly as hot. about 10 degrees cooler before we got the storms to roll n. we still have a few showers around. with the front not getting too much past us, the showers will be here and there. we storm with the da
calls. >> detectives are investigating an overnight trip shooting in southwest baltimore. it happened roughly 24 hours ago on a 600 block. two of the victims were found dead at the scene, while a third victim was taken to the hospital. police have not released the identities of the victims. there's no word on a motive. a pennsylvania man is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl at a home in ocean city. the 31-year-old sexually assaulted the teenager was staying at a home along 120th street. he also attacked his girlfriend and her 14-year-old son in a separate incident. police say a 49-ye-old man had died after falling from a seawall. they were walking along the wall at the ocean city inlet when they fell over the edge together. witnesses told police a woman climb down and managed to pull the child off the rocks. >> deputies say the person who started a fire may also be responsible for a blaze earlier at the same restaurant. on august 3, a fire was started inside the men's restroom and then spread through the roof. it costs roughly half a million dollars worth of damage. they believe a
continues for the person who shot and killed two people in southwest baltimore and injured athird. two male victims were found dead at the scene. police did not release the victims' identities. >> a man tried to kidnap a woman and a toddler at gunpoint. william brown approached the woman and her daughter just before 4:00 p.m. on wednesday and ordered them to come with him. he's charged with attempted kidnapping and being held on $200,000 bond. fire officials believe the person who started a fire at a denny's restaurant may have struck their once before. this is the scene from the august 3 fire that started from the men's room and spread to the roof. the suspect may also have set a smaller fire in that same restaurant back on july 4. anyone with information should call the fire marshal. >> a man has died after he fell off a sea wall in ocean city. police say there were walking along the wall on tuesday afternoon and they fell over the edge, striking the rocks below. witnesses were able to rescue the child. the child is now recovering from non-life-threatening injuries. >> medicare is taking
the forecast is for the ravens-lines kick off at 8:00. you may hear a little thunder and west, southwest wind at 10 m.p.h.. it will not be a downpour, but some showers for the first part of the game. temperatures will cool in the 70's, right now, warm and muggy. 92 at bwi marshall today, above the normal high, which is 80 degrees. the record high is safe for another year, 100. the 42nd time this year we have hit 90 degrees or better. 92 at the inner harbor. a little bit of cooler air off to the north and west coming in with those showers. western carolina frederick county dropping into the 60's and 70's. this is a pretty significant cold front and it is kicking up the showers. it will make its way through the baltimore area tonight and off to the eastern shore tomorrow morning which means all my mom, the risk of a share will be in central and eastern maryland. look how probable it is out there. 75 and low humidity in chicago. feeling might fall in the upper midwest. tomorrow morning, some of the rain mailing your near the coast in getting some sunshine in the afternoon. another weather distur
frederick. a large scale of moisture is coming in from the southwest and looks like we will be stuck with this for a while as the weather system and paul says, out of the southwest and are aiming at us for overnight tonight. -- weathert system pulses at us out of the southwest. during the day tomorrow, the rain chances continues. maybe rumble of thunder. 72-79 with temperatures held down because of the clouds. south wind at 5-10 miles per hour. small craft advisory on the bay. we will only be in the low 80's for a high in the first half owÑ >> breaking news. baltimore police need your help finding a missing 12-year-old boy. his name is richard foster. he was last seen around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon on liberty heights avenue. he is autistic. five-foot, 7 inches tall, 120 pounds wearing green shorts, a white shirt, black sneakers. if you have any information on his whereabouts,íúñ the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few mor
. the heat wave continues in the plains. thunderstorms in the southwest and northern rockies. >> 80s along the pacific and east coast. heat building in the rockies and plains. 97 in colorado springs. 102 in phoenix. >>> and when we come back, an airline promotion backfires big time. apologies and refunds are on the way. >>> also, a half century after her death, marilyn monroe is still a bomb shell in the business world. her estate, with some very impressive figures. >>> and then a house swallowed up by a river. we'll show you where buildings are simply being swept away. >>> welcome back, everybody. there are some disappointing news this morning about social security. for the first time, those who recently retired or are about to retire will not get back as much from social security as they paid into the system. the ratio of those paying in to those collecting is changing. >>> southwest airlines has hit some turbulence. they're issues refunds to customers who were charged multiple times for a single price. it started as a sales promotion before a software glitch clipped the airlines' wings.
to seven coming out of the northwest spilling to the southwest northeast to southwest if you live southwest of the lake you are going to get smoke humidity 17%. the problem is it is going to be 101 today south wind 10 to 15. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing updates later. you can follow abc7 news on facebooknd on twitter for developments any time of the day. >>> police say two men who were racing each other crashed into two homes in saratoga early this morning. this happened about 4:30. authorities tell us two 19-year-olds driving at least 60 miles per hour on suburban streets couldn't maneuver a sharp curve on prospect avenue they banged often side home andp wedged in the wall of another. no residents were hurt. the drivers suffered minor injuries and were hospitalized they will be arrested. >>> in marin county two women narrowly escaped being run down by an out of control garbage truck that ran into a business in novato 8:30 this morning. the driver of the garbage truck apparently lost his brakes, started careening down marin valley drive, slammed into a business called curves. two w
in the southwest and northern rockies. >> 80s along the pacific and east coast. heat building in the rockies and plains. 97 in colorado springs. 102 in phoenix. >>> and when we come back, an airline promotion backfires big-time. apologies and refunds are on the way. >> i know you love that story. >>> also, a half century after her death, marilyn monroe is still a bombshell in the business world. her estate, with some very impressive figures. >>> and then a house swallowed up by a river. we'll show you where buildings are simply being swept away. @ññ? i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. call now t
comfortable here. not that far from our average temperatures. southwest winds at three. the barometer right now holding steady. set your barometer 30.00- inches. yeah, set it and you will see if it goes up or down depending on our changes in barometric pressure. nice night out there. locally a lot of mid-70s already a few spots north of town reporting 69 and 70. it's going to be a very comfortable night overnight with lower humidity in particular tomorrow. lower than it's been recently. a slight southwest wind. tomorrow more of a southeast wind. tomorrow night with the south an southeast winds will start seeing the humidity come back again. and by wednesday it's going to be a little sticky once again the front that came through with the thundershower. down to the south kind of slowed down and stalled that. it's going to start coming back to the north as a cold front by late in the day wednesday. we will start seeing increasing clouds, by thursday this front approaching the region with drier and cooler air. in the weekend will create scattered showers mainly to the south on wednesday. thursd
. >>> if you took advantage of a flight deal on southwest you could be getting money back. a computer glitch that may have emptied your bank account and what's being done to make that right. >>> and an incident right before the man's 100 meter dash put would man behind bars. what he did trying to distract runners. >> and we are not as hot as yesterday, but that humidity is sticking around with the dew points in the 70s. i will tell you when the drier air filters in coming up. lauren. >> reporter: well, it's going to be a slow but steady ride on 95 at 395. you will have traffic shaping up on the beltway coming up on good morning maryland. nikki! rick! wow, you look terrific! [ female announcer ] the whitening you've always wanted. new crest 3d white glamorous white toothpaste. your smile will shine brighter after just one brushing, and it removes up to 90% of surface stains in just 5 days. for a smile so white, you won't just be the ex-girlfriend. you'll be the one that got away. crest 3d white glamorous white toothpaste. life opens up when you do. >>> good -- [audio not understandable] good
up in the last half hour are just southwest of warrenton about to cross over 29. that's about it. you have to go down toward fredericksburg to see more activity. earlier it was heavy around harrisonburg, right right now the only one in the immediate area is southwest of warrenton. temperaturewise 93 today, still 90 downtown, but in the 80s in the burbs, 86 gaithersburg, manassas, 83 andrews, fredericksburg 86 degrees. tonight we'll keep the chance of a thunderstorm, but south of town early, otherwise partly cloudy, mild, 66 to 74, wind i.c.e., southeast at 10. we'll come -- winds east, southeast at 10. we'll come back and talk about another cold front heading our way late in the week. >>> coming up another historic moment for nasa as the latest mars rover touches down and begins its mission. >> but first maryland's first casino request to downsize just as lawmakers are looking at adding another one. something is wrong with that picture. we'll tell you about it up next. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way to
for southwest airlines. how the airline is making up for a glitch that cost some passengers hundreds of dollars. ñ!ñcús >>> good morning. live look downtown san francisco, clouds also warmer temperatures on the way with more sunshine. mike is happy bring that to you as the weekend s and your workweek begins. we'll tell you more in a few minutes. >>> this morning southwest airlines has started refunding the money of customers who were mistakenly overcharged after an online ticket promotion backfired. the deal was designed to celebrate the airlines' reaching three million fans on facebook. instead hundreds were charged up to 30 times for their single flight. southwest blames a computer glitch. the company will pay customers for any overdraft fees. >>> new concerns about caltrans safety testing on the bay bridge and other roads. an investigation fond an inspector failed to check the -- found an inspector failed to check act res of his gauge. engineers started reviewing test records and found doctored data and other suspicious results from that inspector. the department of transportation has mai
to the southwest of the freedom, moving northeast at about 18 miles an hour. nothing severe about it, but some lightning and thunder storms associated with the storm. a shower trying to prop up just west of westminster as well. isolated, non-severe storms thankfully at this hour. hopefully, your back yard and garden getting some much-needed rain. the morning low was war at 73 degrees. that is seven degrees above the average for this time of year. you average it all out, and the date turns out warmer than normal because of this nighttime temperatures. 99 degrees, the record high in 1985. only 1/1 hundred of an inch today. the difference today, temperature is not a whole lot different than yesterday, but the dew point certainly came up. it is an indication of dryer, more comfortable air, but today, after a night and day of southerly breezes, they're up in the 70-degree ranges, which makes it feel a lot more money. you can find warm, humid air and a cold front approaching from the mountains. that leaves the atmosphere and gets the thunderstorm going. until this front clan clear our region, the th
when they are detected. and the e college southwest is doing a lot it'll damage control. and some dramatic video at of china, how a little girl got to our head wedged,,,,,, ,, >>> a scary brush with death for a 4 year-old girl who had been left alone in china. she was tinkling mid air friday after her head got stuck mi betn the balcony. they reportedly stole a truck and the armored vehicle and tried to storm the border before crashing. that is when israeli forces killed militants from gauze the parade the fire in oklahoma continues to burn this morning. it has burned more than 58,000 a.. it has destroyed at least 48 structures and forced dozens of people to evacuate. there may be victims because of the fires broadcast. >>> major fires, lots of small fires. that has really taxed the resources >>> people are returning to the home of luther to look at burned out robert that used to be their homes. lightning is blame for the deaths of two people after a nascar race in pennsylvania. the other died later at the hospital and the first victim was at the nascar racetracks. psychiatrist is
southwest of warrenton. we have them east and south of annapolis. a couple of light wins still coming through annapolis and the heaviest on the eastern shore as you head toward chestertown, that way. 81 in annapolis with the humidity. 73 in culpeper. leesburg 72. again, there are some spotty showers out there with your highs this afternoon a little bit below average. average is 88. we'll be in the mid- to upper 80s as opposed to mid- to upper 90s. we'll take that. it's 5:00 a.m. monika is off but beverly farmer is in with timesaver traffic. >>> not a lot to tell you about which is good news. there had been a crash in the overnight hours on beach drive north of the sue tunnel and rock creek park. that should be out of your way according to the u.s. park police. that's good news heading into the district. around town no early troubles to tell you about. on the beltway, through virginia, maryland. incident free. this is the beltway south of route 50 in maryland coming up through landover on the right side of the screen is the outer loop heading into college park and on into university bo
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on your morning commute. northbound 95 in shut down at the beltway southwest. heading northbound, you'll find a closure in effect because of an overnight tractor-trailer accident. there was a fatality. the cleanup continues in that area. all northbound lanes are closed. what is not close is the northbound 295 ramp. there are delays and we'll look at those in a moment. continued closes in the city along light street and monument. up to speed on the beltway. 795 checking out ok. problem free on 70 in towards the beltway. on northbound 95, this is what looks like at 395. the closure is at the beltway. here's a quick, live look at traffic. 895 as an alternate, looking pretty good at the moment. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning. >> we do have a few bus diversions. the five, 35 buses diverting around the sinkhole at patterson park. light rail and metro subway both on schedule. no delays to report on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. mta is your ride to the grand pr
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3 coming up... a southwest airlines promotion... goes horribly wrong.why thousands of customers who thought they were saving money... were charged for dozens of tickets. (((sob) my heart goes out to those people. i'm as devastated for them.)) them.))but next... we hear from the stepmother... of the wisconsin temple shooting suspect.the details we're learning... about his past. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. [ radio ] it's a scorcher out there...stay refreshed! [ female announcer ] new lipton tea & honey. sweetened with honey, made from real tea leaves and real fruit flavors. ♪ it's never felt so real ♪ no, it's never felt so right ♪ [ female announcer ] only 5 calories. new lipton tea & honey. new this morning... vigils continue in wisconsin for the victims of sunday's shooting at a sikh temple.five men and one woman were killed in the rampage.investigators are looking into whether the suspect... wade michael page ... had ties to white supremacist's former step-mother is devastated to think he could something like this. ((i would not
to the southwest along 81 and 64 and that's about it. a few cloud overnight and we're going to start warming up a little bit. our chances for thunderstorms will go up as well. i think there's a couple days coming up where we're talking strong, maybe even severe weather popping up around here. we'll detail that coming up in the full forecast. >> see you then. >>> the man who shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords will spend the rest of his life in prison. what jared loughner regrets about the shooting and his reaction when he learned the congresswoman survived coming up. >> counselors at a local camp accused of instigating a fight club among the kids. it's a news edge exclusive only seen here at 11:00.  [ male announcer ] in 1996, president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare
at levels above safe standards. >> charged for a round-trip ticket 51 times. southwest airlines billing which is not just draining bank accounts. >> we are less than an hour away from kickoff of the 49ers preseason opener >> fire that thin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> bart train soar rolling through them lake merritt station after a person was hit by train earlier this afternoon. rescue crews rushed to the station and freed the man who was said to be alert and responsive. part says to expect 30-40 minute delay us >> will 5 is at candlestick park. >> ken is in the middle of it >> a fantastic afternoon out here in candlestick and my friend patrick and his friends and family invited us over. he made me a little health drink >> some coffee, cream >> don't tell them the rest of it. we wanted to ask some people about the new stadium. this is kind of winding down at candlestick in and give will be all over in a few years. debbie tells us she is not sure if she will be going to santa clara. she has been a season ticket holder for a long time. >> i'm going to be meeting with them tomorrow to look at what t
researchers say it's all coincidence. but not long ago i was up at a place called chimney rock in southwest colorado. and it's over 8,000 feet. and you are up at the southern end ftd rocky mountains and there is this scarp of rock that rises up probably about a thousand feet out of a valley floor and right at the tip of this scarp there are two twin towers of rock. if you get to a certain place on top of this very narrow butte, you can see between these twin towers and there happens to be a great house built between these two towers and every 18.6 years when the moon goes into its northernmost point on the horizon, it rises between those two towers. i was there at the beginning of the last 18.6 year cycle and we stood up there, probably 20 of us, researchers, forest service people, all gathered at the same spot with cameras and huddled -- it was late december at 8,000 feet and we were all watching this gap. and somebody had done very intricate work to figure out exactly where you need to stand to see the light at exactly the right time. and as we were all gathered up there, i remember this
bless live. waldorf, gaithersburg, and germantown. airline prices are going up again. southwest airlines is leading the charge. southwest raised fares in several other airlines were quick to match the increase. other airlines usually follow. americans getting out of town on the last major holiday of the summer. 33 million american travelers will go 30 miles or more. they will have the roadways for their trip. the average price of gas is up 14 cents compared to 2011. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. will you be traveling more this labor day weekend then you did last year? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> the u.s. postal service made a major investment in "the simpsons" that basically backfired. jane king has the bloomberg business report. good morning, jane. >>a group of travel sites accused of fixing hotel room prices. that is according to a complaint on behalf of hotel room purchases. the large online travel sites curried the illusion that customers can research rates and get good d
. that may cause some delays, may have small hail. this is a pretty good storm, too southwest of burke, southeast of manassas down around 236. that's drifting to the south and east, too. we'll put this in motion. for the most part these weaken quickly. i think the computer has weakened them too fast. this will cross over around lorton and 95 in the next hour. this may go over toward ft. washington and diminish altogether around 1:00. the nats game should be okay, by the way, this gorgeous shot brought to you by michael and son. 85 now, dew point 71, not a good thing, winds east, southeast at 10, pressure back on the rise, 29.83 inches of mercury. temperatures in the 80s which is good for the first part of august, 82 great falls, 81 vienna, 82 bethesda, 84 college park, 82 bowie. we had no hurricanes in the month of july. i talk about that on my blog at is it common or uncommon? economic it out. heating up with more storm -- check it out. heating up with more storms, isolated storms, hot tomorrow, a dry morning commute, afternoon storms, some heavy, some severe possibly.
airlines. southwest is strength in their seats pitched an inch but they say a new slimmer's the design actually gives passengers more space. spirit has been using lighter seats they say are true content can be adjusted since 2010. but comfort is key especially for longer flights. >>> i'm going to las vegas and is a long flights and absolutely and gobble its cramped and legs are burning. for people sick of airports are air travel the train is always received its is about 40 in.. dick waves in a car there many factors but with the frenzy pulled back to the seabed is about 32 in.. dirichlet's and things aren't that glamorize our spacious year and one has brief hearing on the seat pitch here is 34 in.. >>> on planes there is also that other jutted factor. the randomness of the seeding process. >>> is a your worst fear someone big sitting next year? did we have to admit i don't like it because it's hard to stay off of one another. and nobody wants somebody they don't know all of them so it's tough. petaluma's little league champs are a step closer to the world series title. california wi
in the southeast. rainy at times in the southwest and nevada. >> 80s in the northwest and northeast. scorcher from dallas to the rockies. 70s across the midwest. >>> and coming up, those rising gas prices we mentioned yesterday morning. hate to tell you. but worse than we expected. >>> and coming to the aid of drought-stricken ranchers. >>> and the first ladies of gymnastics. one wasn't doing the other any favors on late night tv. >>> welcome back, everyone. americans are charging more. new numbers show that credit card debt is up about 6% from just a year ago, to an average of almost $5,000 for each borrower. more cards are being used. but transunion says the rate of seriously delinquent accounts, more than 90 days late, is at an 18-year low. >>> the government's reporting another big spike in gas prices. the eneepartment says the national average has risen 8 cents from a week ago. on the west coast, gas has had a 19-cent jump in the last week. >>> new help is on the way for farmers, as the nation's drought crisis deepens. the agriculture department is going to buy up to $170 million of pork, lam
showers for the most part. a couple of heavier ones here just north of vienna and this goes southwest between fairfax and chantilly coming out of poem county. drift -- prince william county. drifting over the prince george's county over the next hour but it's really this late afternoon i'm much more concerned about. with sunshine luray is up to 79. it's 78 now in la plata and we're still in the 70s which is a lot better than yesterday when you remember, we got to 95 for the high. here's a look at the michael & son weather camera. out in tysons corner. got some low clouds and high clouds mixing in and had a new sprinkles -- few sprinkles out there early. there's a lot of low level moisture to work with. we're saying good-bye to the storms here. and we've got this spin in the atmosphere over michigan. that's an upper level low. that's going to drive a cold front toward us as we get into later tonight and into early saturday. out ahead of it though the air mass is unstable by -- 4:00 you can see the showers and storms here. this is what will have to watch potentially for some strong to s
-- pressure. as required, they notified the regulators. >>> why 2 southwest planes came into a bay area airport with problems this morning. rosemary is back with the bay area weather including how long the temperatures will last in your neighborhood. >>> ktvu cameras were there when people who have -- who have to where to live were cleared out of a -- who have nowhere to live were cleared out of a camp. lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. >>> 2 southwest flights made emergency landings within 26 minutes of each other at the oakland airport this morning -- two southwest flights made emergency landings within 26 minutes of each other at the oakland airport this morning. there was a depressurization issue. there were no injuries. >>> breaking ne
>>> want to get aw? southwest airlines customers thought they were getting tickets for half price. how they ended up being charged thousands of dollars instead. >>> and virginia's governor says the vp stakes will end in a matter of days. so -- will bob mcdonnell be mitt romney's running mate? >> both candidates, i'll be the next vice president. that tells from you a candidate's standpoint how good they think virginia is. >>> good evening. a live look at london. more gold for the u.s. also close calls, even history made. phil rogers is joining us from london with more. >> reporter: good evening. day eight here in london. the olympic debut of a barrier-breaking athlete and a god medal for a tennis superstar. serena williams added gold to her already stellar resume saturday as she became only the second woman after steffi graf to win a so-called golden slam, an olympic singles title along with all four major tennis crowns. >> continues from the u.s. >> reporter: america's bryan brothers also took gold in the men's double competition. and at the olympic stadium -- history was made tod
-on-one with chef orlando amaro, and he is with station four, located on fourth street in the southwest area of washington, d.c. if you want modern american cuisine, with a little bit of mediterranean twist, you want to go to station 4. so nice to have you. i did not know that august is peach month. >> national peach month. >> so you are preparing a peach salad? >> let's do it. >> what is that? >> lettuce, fresh and local. we have some dijon mustard dressing, my local peachs, look at this -- peaches, look at this. >> they are so pretty. the one thing about your restaurant, station four, the address is 1101 fourth street southwest, is that you have an incredible array and list of wines. and they run the gamut in prices. you serve 28 of them by the glass, from italy, from new zealand. >> italy, california, new zealand, france. >> if you like good wine, they have it there. >> spicy pecans and cheese from italy. >> that is a lovely, simple, tasty summer salad. beautiful. and look at those peaches. you got those in this area? >> from virginia. >> oh great. i like that. look at that. i'll take a p
. >>> if you looked a flight on southwest airlines recently, you may want to check your credit card statement. southwest airline is making good after accidentally billing customers multiple times for the same flight. the airline offered its facebook fans a special deal last week and blames a computer glitch for the trouble. some people were charged more than 20 times for the same flight. can you imagine seeing that? >> they probably gave them a has whl they called. >> let's hope not. they're going to make it right. >>> we all know it is not polite to cut in line. a high school la crosse player who cut in line to be with his teammates as they were boarding a southwest flight learned the hard way. >> his coach made him apologize to everyone on board the plane. >> my fellow travelers, today, i address you with great remorse. during the boarding process, i took advantage of this airline's kindness. some of my teammates were called to the front of the line and i was not and yet, i cut in line and took a seat that rightfully belonged to one of you good people. this is not how my coaches and parents
up the most here. west, southwest 18. yesterday it was about 30 miles an hour, west at 9. still a component after sea breeze. 50 on the temps. 55, 57, 58 degrees. tropical clouds are gone. there's still a lot down towards arizona, southern california, so keep an eye on that. maybe wednesday there could be a possibility of some of that coming in again but the main message is if you're buy the coast and the bay, it will be nice. 60s, 70s inland. we'll start to warm up to near 80 degrees. warmest santa clara county. still a west bridge but low 90s. we'll go with that for antioch. upper 80s if some. fairfield is in there. livermore should say 88. 76 valeo. 78 santa rosa. morgan hill warming up but the city 65. oakland 72. 77 mountain view. fog, sun, warmer. does appear -- keep an eye on wednesday for tropical clouds but does looks like thursday, friday will be the hottest days of the week inland. >> thank you. >>> this morning nasa is celebrating a huge success in its most ambitious mission to mars. the curiosity mars rover landed safely on target inside a crater on the surface of t
. there is a howling sea breeze. west, southwest. yesterday at this time 13 miles an hour. trust me. that is a screaming message it will be 5-10 degrees cooler. santa rosa 62. couple little lows coming in about three or four of them. this system digging to the north. drawing up another one to the south. we had hot temperatures yesterday inland. it was cool by the coast. guess what, that fog is really ramped up today. there is more fog and the cooling has begun. 50s and 60s by the beaches. 70s and 80s now. a few low 90s. fog, sun cooler. local drizzle. windy at times. especially sfo and out to the golden gate. 80s now. i did hold on to 93 in antioch. everybody is sliding into the 80s or 90s. it will be cooler even more so on saturday. level off on sunday. >>> meat prices are likely to change quite a bit in the next six months. the drought is driving up the price of feed for beef and pork farmers. now they are selling off some of their herds because they can't afford to keep them. that will mean a glut of meat in the market initially that should drive down prices. analysts say that wi
in the southwest. heating up in the pacific northwest. >> 89 in seattle. 96 in portland. 90s from albuquerque to miami. 80s in the northeast. fall-like from fargo to minneapolis. only getting up to the 60s. i love fall weather. >> get the football ready. i'm with you. >>> coming up, a new way to pay at some major retailers. >>> and companies paying their ceos more than they pay in taxes. business is next. >>> and historymaking in sports. and futility for u.s. soccer. >>> welcome back, everyone. some big american companies are paying more to their ceos than they do to uncle sam in taxes. the institute for policy study says the list includes at&t, boeing and citigroup. the companies paid their ceos an average of more than $20 million, while paying less on profits. >>> the new look on the economy is one of the weakest since the great depression. the a.p. announces that unemployment has never been this high, this long, after a recession. and consumer spending and job growth are lagging badly. >>> major retailers are joining forces to give you a new way to pay. companies including walmart, best bu
. clear and mild tonight, not as cool, 64 to 72, winds out of the southwest at 10. inside the beltway downtown talking about low 70s, but very comfortable north and west, 64 gaithersburg, 65 reston, 64 leesburg, 68 in college park. friday morning, mostly sunny, warming up, 70s and 80s, winds out of the southwest at 10. by afternoon mostly sunny and hot but not humid, high temperatures near 95 and winds west, southwest at 10. next three days we'll keep it green tomorrow, hot but not humid, 94. we'll keep it green saturday, isolated storm, 91. you don't have to change your plans. sunday code yellow, scattered thunderstorms especially in the afternoon, high temperatures in the upper 80s. now the next seven days, labor day even a better chance for thunderstorms, temperatures still in the upper 80s. tuesday a leftover thunderstorm still possible, highs acme still be plea an -- highs in the 80s, still meandering around a bit left with isaac. >>> topper said it, going to be pitch perfect for the nats game tonight. >> reporter: it feels great out here right now. fans are piling in because th
of the southwest. another scorcher up in the rockies. up to 20 degrees hotter than normal in the midwest and the plains. >> upper 80s from chicago, into the ohio valley and east coast. mild, around 70 in the pacific northwest. >>> still ahead on "america this morning." the big jump at the pumps. we're sure you noticed it. >>> plus, new math brings about a new policy at chipotle. your business news is next. >>> and something you're not supposed to be seeing out west for at least another month. stick around for details on that. >>> welcome back, everybody. thanks to tropical storm isaac, drivers are seeing a storm surge in gas prices. gas rose a nickel yesterday, to an average of $3.80 a gallon, as that storm swamped oil and gas facilities along the gulf coast. it's the biggest one-day jump in a year and a half. and prices are expected to climb through the labor day weekend. >>> despite high gas prices, there is some good economic news this morning. the federal reserve says the u.s. economy grew a little over the summer. and hiring improved, as well.l auto sales, tourism and home sales off
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